Written By Braddon S. Williams

Eric Johnson: Tones

Eric Johnson entered my musical horizons with the phenomenal Tones (1986). I discovered him through articles in guitar magazines and learned that he was practically legendary in his home state of Texas, as well as being basically revered by lots of famous players.

When I heard Tones I understood immediately that all the hype was deserved. Not only did Johnson possess a crystal clear, nearly violin sounding tone out of his Fender Strat, but he also could sing quite well, something that most guitar heroes of his stature never quite achieve.

Some of the standout tracks on Tones include the one-two punch of Trail Of Tears and Bristol Shore, beautifully segued together into a seamless sound collage, the instrumentals Zap and Victory, the breezy Soulful Terrain, Friends, and Off My Mind.

Tones was the perfect title for a guitarist who represents the fullness of that word in his gifted hands.


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