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Vinnie Vincent Invasion, “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” (1986)
Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent goes completely bananas all over “Boyz Are Gonna Rock.” He opens with gnarly feedback before launching into madman thrash, UFO whirl and lightspeed finger-tapping. Vocalist Robert Fleischman, briefly a member of Journey and co-writer of “Wheel in the Sky,” stabs holes in the upper clef for the next two minutes. Fleischman soon parted ways with the Invasion and Mark Slaughter took over the mic for a suitably over-the-top “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” music video. By the time the track gets to the guitar solo, Vincent’s ax is screaming like it’s ingested a Chateau Marmont–sized pile of speed. During the outro, Vincent’s fretboard and fingers practically seem to disintegrate. It doesn’t end well for your stereo speakers, either.

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