Like millions of others, I was glued to MTV in the early years of the former music video station that became a sensation in the early 1980’s. Suddenly, bands were able to be visually creative in direct proportion to their musical talents. This inadvertently spawned a whole lot of odd stuff, and for a time we were supplied with a plethora of one-hit video wonders. Such a band was Wall Of Voodoo, famed for the song Mexican Radio. The video for that classic and the album Call Of The West both arrived in 1982, and I liked the song enough to go out and purchase the vinyl. To my delighted surprise, the whole album was quirky, strange, and fascinating…a blend of new wave synthesizers and spaghetti western camp…all sung earnestly by Stan Ridgway, the leader of the band. In addition to Mexican Radio, I really loved Factory, Tomorrow, They Don’t Want Me, Lost Weekend, Spy World, and the fantastic title track. Get it if you can find it, Call Of The West is an awesome trip into a weird western movie that never existed.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind