Written By Braddon S. Williams


W.A.S.P. put out a rocking debut album in 1984 that eventually became known by the band’s name…W.A.S.P.!

I love the song I Wanna Be Somebody, and it sounds just as raw and empowering today as it did all those many years ago. Blackie Lawless just has that primal scream that manages to sound manly and menacing even though it is classified as hair metal.

Chris Holmes and Randy Piper threw down some pretty solid riffs and lead work to frame those songs that tried so hard to be controversial (I’m looking squarely at Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) as a prime example).

I never got a chance to see these guys live, but I have an idea that they were pretty fierce in their prime.

I seem to recall that Mr. Lawless found religion somewhere along the path, and I wonder if he still performs some of the raunchier songs from their heyday. Whatever the case may be, that debut album was a ripper and always put me in a great mood back in the carefree days of spandex and hair spray!

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