On This Day in History




On this date in history, way back in 1983, once again at Market Square Arena in Indy, I saw a great double bill featuring Triumph and Golden Earring. This was one of the very rare occasions where I felt like the opener was better than the headliner. In no way am I implying that Triumph was bad in any way, but in my estimation, Golden Earring did more with less.

I just did a little research and Im astounded to learn that this band from the Netherlands was formed in 1961 (the year I was born) and have 2 original members in the band to this day. The entire lineup has been the same since 1970, so a lot of their strength in the show I was at came from this longevity.

Golden Earring – The Devil made me do it (1983)


I have to admit that at the time I primarily knew them from the songs Radar Love and Twilight Zone, which were both highlights of their set. Everything they played featured great harmony vocals, stellar drumming and guitar work throughout, and their stage presence combined passion, energy, and a sense that they truly enjoyed what they were doing. All traits that I have always striven to achieve in my own bands. These are the little touches that, when combined with great songwriting, can allow a band like this to outshine a band that isn’t trying quite as hard.



Triumph played great, but there was something just not connecting with me. Like Rush, they were a 3 piece band from Canada. Maybe subliminally I was comparing them to Rush, a battle they would never win in my opinion, but I kind of felt like there was so much emphasis on their so-called “blinding light show” that they didn’t seem to perform at the level that Golden Earring did. To be fair, they played all their best stuff and sounded pretty true to the studio versions, but I doubt I would have gone to see them again.

TRIUMPH – Never Surrender


Golden Earring, I would still check out even now. The guys I went to this show with have all passed away since then…rest in peace to my brothers, Joe “Jughead” Kinney, Kent “Fish” Hedges, and Larry Denman. I don’t know if they would agree with my opinion, but they would all know they were loved.

This post is a tribute to 3 guys who have left a hole in my heart that will never be filled. We sure had a fine time that night in 1983…music makes everything better!

Written By Braddon S. Williams



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