The Flaying Win Quebec GAMIW Award For “Metal Album Of The Year”

THE FLAYING Win Quebec GAMIQ Award For “Metal Album of The Year”

Album ‘Angry, Undead’ Out Now! via PRC Music

L to R: Seb – Bass, Wil – Vocals, Mike – Drums, Did – Guitar

Quebec City’s THE FLAYING have won their first-ever GAMIQ (Gala alternatif de la musique indépendante du Québec) award for “Metal Album of The Year” for their debut full-length “Angry, Undead” released this past March on PRC Music.

The band comments:

“We are really proud and humbled to win the GAMIQ Award for the 2019 Metal Album of The Year! It means a lot to us to get this recognition from our peers in the music industry. We would like to thank our precious team for the hard work that has been put in on this record: Christian Donaldson and the Grid Studio, Raphaël Malenfant and Broil audio, Nick Tremblay and Rémi at PRC Music for the support. Our families, girlfriends, all the bands we toured with. Last but not least, thanks to our fans for buying the album, being at the shows and supporting the scene. See you on tour!”

GAMIQ “Metal Album of The Year” Nominees:
Anonymus – Sacrifices
Barf – Mantra
Le Kraken – De paille et d’or
Lüger – Hellraisers of the Waste
The Flaying – Angry, Undead – Winner

For more info about GAMIQ, please visit here.

The sophomore album “Angry, Undead” was released this past march via PRC Music. Working with Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy at The Grid in Montreal, QC, the album is pure mayhem for their fastest and most brutal debauchery to date. The concept of “Angry, Undead” is an intricate one with each of the eight songs falling under a distinct axis: Chaos (social manifestations); Madness (individual manifestations); and Void (existential manifestations). It is brutal, instinctive, unique, and wicked, and is recommended for fans of Cryptopsy, Archspire, Suffocation, and Deicide.  

THE FLAYING‘s album “Angry, Undead” is availableon Bandcamp, PRC Music, Spotify, and Apple Music.
Music Video – ‘La Valse du Scorpion’here.
Lyric Video ‘Genuflect’here.
Guitar/ Bass Playthrough ‘Place du Parvis’here.

Show Dates:
January 25 – Sherbrooke, QC – Le Murdoch – Sherbrooke Death Fest w/ Beneath The Massacre, Nervous Impulse, Holy Cost

Track Listing:
1. Ouverture Écarlate (0:35)
2. Disloqué (3:15)
3. Place du Parvis (3:53)
4. Genuflect (4:00)
5. Egocentric Predicament (0:44)
6. Elegy of Emptiness (3:41)
7. La Valse du Scorpion (4:18)
8. Angry, Unleashed (3:23)
9. Angry, Undead (5:34)
Album Length: 29:28

Album and Live Line Up:
Didier Samson aka “Did”  – Guitars
Sébastien Marier-Verret aka “Seb” – Bass
William Murray aka “Wil” – Vocals
Michel Bélanger aka “Mike” – DrumsFor more info:


And it all began with the rope dancer….

Formed in July 2010, The Flaying is a death metal band based in Quebec City, Canada that focuses on fluid melodic construction of songs featuring brutal sections which are further complemented by vocals with both low end growls and hateful high pitches.

Since their first release Unhope (2014), Seb, Did, Wil and Mike are forging ahead in order to adopt a more brutal approach: adding new grooves, a greater velocity, and creating a wider ambiance as well as keeping breakdowns and progressive parts with counterpoints constructing a main theme of anger and a general hate of humanity.

Soldiering on with the philosophy of one band, four individuals, four personalities to collide, the writing process is a team effort initially seeing the band collaborate on riffs and groove ideas, adding a flourish of low-end colors, and blending the whole thing together with flying vocals that create a manifest of pure mayhem. This product of this steadfast diablerie will be realized on March 22, 2019, when the second album “Angry, Undead” is unleashed on PRC Music.

“Le guitariste Didier Samson se fait déjà appeler «Maître» dans sa profession d’avocat criminaliste, mais c’est au titre de «maîtres du métal» que lui et ses trois acolytes du groupe death metal The Flaying aspirent avec leur deuxième album Angry, Undead qui paraît le 22 mars sur l’étiquette émergente PRC Music.

The guitarist Didier Samson is already called “Master” in his profession of criminal lawyer, but it is under the title of “masters of the metal” that he and his three acolytes of the death metal band The Flaying aspire with their second album Angry, Undead which appears March 22 on the emerging label PRC Music.” – Le Soleil: The Flaying: Maîtres du métal:

“True to the band’s name, the music of The Flaying will slash the skin from your face in paroxysms of blood-spraying savagery. But it does more than that. It will also suck the air from your lungs, boil the brain, and hammer your bones into fragments fine enough to blow away in the wind.” – No Clean Singing  

“Angry, Undead is quite a number, I am really digging these addictive and mesmerizing death metal tunes and I am quite sure most of you technical and progressive death metal fans out there will feel the same about this album once you have checked this out. The Flaying is definitely a band to keep an eye and an ear on!” – Lords of Metal 
“Solid and thoroughly enjoyable, The Flaying make a name for themselves on their second album. Angry, Undead is never at a loss for momentum and rage, and still manages to tickle your ears with its massive grooves and musical prowess.” – Dead Rhetoric

“It is a savage, brutish and barbaric death metal album emphasized by the nasty groove of Elegy of Emptiness and the booming Angry, Unleashed. A fine addition to any death metal fan’s collection.” – Games, Brrrains & A Head-Banging Life

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