Experimental Extreme Music Norway’s YAWN Presents Their Futuristic, Chaotic “Tokamak IV : Critical Mass” Off Upcoming Debut Album “Materialism”

L-R – Mike McCormick – Guitar/Electronics, Simen Wie – Bass, Tarjei Kjerland Lienig – Synthesizer, Torfinn Lysne – Guitar, Oskar Johnsen Rydh – Drums
(Photographer Credit: Emil Vestre)

YAWN; coming from Norway, are releasing their second single off their upcoming debut “Materialism”, a fresh take on metal with jazz and prog overtones. Three-pieces of music broken into shorter movements combine to make just over 37 minutes of a full continuous piece of music. The band explains what the listener can expect with “Tokamak IV : Critical Mass”:

“’Critical Mass’ is the second part of the piece titled ‘Tokamak’. The track is mostly based on a repetitive guitar phrase going over and over, printing itself in your memory whether you want it or not. The melody was based on a simple conversation between Oskar and Torfinn: “Why do we limit our tonal language to the chromatic scale, dividing notes only down to the semitones? Why not dive into the world of quartertones?” A few guitar-tunings later, we ended up with this simple, but catchy melody going on and on in both our heads, the following week. The melody continues on throughout the piece called ‘Tokamak’”

YAWN takes inspiration from their favourite artist and genres and then completely turns it upside down as they inject their improvisation into the mix. Taking it a step further they create their own software to digitally process the instruments. Prewritten music is composed by Oskar and Torfinn, all algorithms and code digitally treating/processing the music is written and performed by Mike McCormick and all three of them contribute to the improvised parts.

It is important to the band to discover and develop the most obscure song ideas that normally wouldn’t fit into the context of the common musical genres. All tools are allowed, with a common goal of creating interesting sounds. These 3-year-old preferences are the fundamentals of the final piece “Materialism”, which is recommended for fans of Car Bomb, Vildhjarta, and Gojira.

Digital – https://linktr.ee/Yawnmusic

The album “Materialism” will be released on February 18, 2022 via Mindsweeper Records

Album pre-order – Yawnofficial.bandcamp.com

Track Listing:
1. Cement III : Gobsmack (2:35)
2. Cement III : Fall Out (1:50)
3. Cement III : Restart, Reload, Rebuild (3:35)
4. Chaos I : Artificial Superstition (2:34)
5. Chaos I : Greed (1:51)
6. Chaos I : ISM (3:21)
7. Chaos I : Untelligence (1:26)
8. Chaos I : Order (0:40)
9. Lachrymator II : Lignite (2:28)
10. Lachrymator II : Erebus & Terror (2:33)
11. Lachrymator II : Tripwire (2:36)
12. Lachrymator II : Unstoppable force (1:57)
13. Tokamak IV : Immovable Object (2:45)
14. Tokamak IV : Critical Mass (1:21)
15. Tokamak IV : Fluorescence & Entropy (3:48)
16. Tokamak IV : Confluence (2:03)
Album Length: 37:31

For more info:


“Yawn, anything but a bore” – Heavymetal.no

As 2022 begins, Yawn stands at the ready with their first full-length release: “Materialism.” The album reflects the band’s vision of bringing improvisation-based music to the fore in the context of modern concert production. The album features beautiful improvised soundscapes combined with aesthetics drawn from modern progressive metal bands like Meshuggah, Car Bomb, and Vildhjarta. 

Yawn’s live performances have been described as a magical experience where improvised, open, and formless soundscapes seamlessly transform into and away from machine- precise rhythms, all without warning from the performers on stage.

Since the band’s debut in 2020, Yawn has released their first single “Cement,” toured across southern Norway, and played for 15000 housebound viewers during a streaming concert from Chateau Neuf in Oslo shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic reached Norway. After the release of Materialism on February 18th, 2022, the band will embark on a European release tour from February 25th to March 9th.

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