On This Day in History


On this date in history, 1991 found me living in Bayonne, New Jersey. I had moved out there to join my brother, Kirk Frederickson, in a band called Big Bad Wolf.


Kirk and I visited the legendary club L’Amour in Brooklyn, NY to see Saigon Kick, 4/13/91, and what a show it was! This was my introduction to the band and they impressed me from the very first notes of their set.

Saigon Kick had power, melody, great harmonies, distinctive songwriting and stage presence…all delivered with passion and attitude to spare.

The attitude was apparent midway through their show when someone heckled the band. In a heartbeat, both guitarist Jason Bieler and bassist Tom DeFile threw their instruments down on the stage and jumped into the crowd to fight with the disruptive audience members! Quickly resolved, they returned to the stage and resumed rocking our faces off like it was business as usual!


I highly recommend their first album…it is full of amazing songs like “New World”, “Suzy”, and “Colors”. I bought one of their t-shirts and proudly wore it for years following this show. A pretty girl was walking around the crowd selling them. I asked to see one and inquired about the letters FYSMD across the back of the shirt. She smiled a dazzling smile and said, “Fuck You Suck My Dick!” Sold! True story…listen to Saigon Kick and crank it up!!!!!!!


Saigon Kick – Suzi




Written By Braddon S. Williams AKA The Concert Critic

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