Death Metal Act Voraath (ft. Nile, Xael members) Presents Dark Sci-Fi Torment w/ Music Video “The Barrens”

Band Line Up:
Brad Parris – Vocalist, Guitarist
Joshua Nassaru Ward – Drummer/Vocals/ Keys
Tylor Kohl – Guitarist
Daniel Presnell – Guitarist, accompany instruments
Paul McBride – Bassist

For more info:

An otherworldly and experimental metal act based out of the Carolinas, Voraath unifies epic soundscapes with bone crushing brutal riffs. In September of 2021 Voraath began as an experimental project with Brad Parris (Nile), Joshua Nassaru Ward (drummer/composer from projects such as Xael and Rapheumets Well), Tylor Kohl, Paul McBride, and Daniel Presnell. The word Voraath itself refers to an act of vengeance as well as the deity of wrath.

Listen to Voraath‘s singles at the following links:

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